Current Heartwork Offerings

Consciousness Retreat 2023

In this retreat, we will explore questions like: What is Consciousness? How does it “work?” How is it related to True Nature? How is it related to who I really am? Using a sequence of meditations and Inquiry, you will have an opportunity to experience Consciousness directly, more precisely perhaps than you have ever previously experienced. It will also challenge many of your deeply held beliefs about who you are and what the universe is. Realizing this deeper Truth of Reality can be a life-changing experience.

March 3-6, 2023. Hybrid retreat: Rochester, NY, or via zoom.

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Inner Work Groups
Our on-going Inner Work groups use meditation, inquiry and group discussion, as well as one-on-one work with Dale, in order to help participants deepen their inner work.
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Meets: About every other week, based on the availability of participants, for three months.

Groups meet via teleconference.

Fee: $300 to $400 per 3-month session, based on the number of meetings ($60/meeting)

Email: for specific dates and to apply.

Solitary Retreats
Retreat in your own space for 24-48 hours, joining Dale and other participants via conference call.
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Dates: To be determined

Retreat begins at 7 pm ET on a Friday and ends 48 hours later.

Fee: Donation to the Heartwork Institute

Email: if you wish to be informed when the next one comes!

A Day of Heartwork

The Day of Heartwork uses the primary Heartwork tools of Soft Body and Awareness Meditations, Inquiry and Unwinding, interspersed with Discussion Periods where you can get guidance, all with the intention of helping you move through the barriers that prevent you from having what you Really, REALLY want. 

Date: To be determined

Email: if you wish to be informed when the next one comes!

If I Had But One Year to Live

This a powerful workshop that packs a punch and encourages the participants to explore what is really important in their life – to stop pretending that life is forever – and create the possibility of being fully alive while you still inhabit your body. More information here.

Date: To be determined

Email: if you wish to be informed when the next one comes!

Work-study positions are available for all events.
Email for more information and to request an application.