A Day of Heartwork – A Heartwork Retreat

An opportunity of a full day practicing Heartwork in community.

A Day of Heartwork is an event thought for all: whether you want the opportunity to spend some consistent time practicing Heartwork in community, or if you want to get to know what Heartwork is, this is a great opportunity.

The Day of Heartwork uses the primary Heartwork tools of Soft Body and Awareness Meditations, Inquiry and Unwinding, interspersed with Discussion Periods where you can get guidance, all with the intention of helping you move through the barriers that prevent you from having what you Really, REALLY want. The retreat takes place via Zoom, from 9am to 5pm EST. The fee for this event is $75 to $150, depending on your ability to pay.

Heartwork is a synthesis of psychotherapy and spiritual practice.  I created Heartwork in 1981 out of a need I saw for the merging of the two approaches into one path.  Having done psychotherapy, both as a client and as a practitioner for 13 years and Zen practice for 11, I saw that neither of them alone led to the Freedom that we all are looking for.  Therapy helped to heal psychological wounds, but, because it never broke the attachment to the identities that were created and continued to create one’s suffering, did not free one from the grip of the ego.  Spiritual practice could give a glimpse of True Nature – Who we really are, beyond all identities – but “spiritually bypassed” the psychological issues that continued to create our suffering, allowing them to remain unconscious and “run the show” of our lives.  So, combining the psychological and spiritual into one complete system was the road to True Freedom.

Testimonials from previous Days of Heartwork:

“Dale has a gift of courageously guiding us back home to our true selves. He holds the space for the depth and complexity of our core wounds, reminding us of our truth -that we can be a hot mess and absolutely lovable at the same time!” – Laura D

“I experience Heartwork as very “pure“. It’s about the essence of the personal growth process and is devoid of ideology and irrelevant trappings that only distract. Dale is a genuine facilitator. He never gets in the way. Always present and positive.” – Karl Sperber

The mini-retreat was a beautiful immersive day that nurtured my inner wisdom, self-compassion and acceptance of what is. The Heartwork tools are very powerful, especially when practiced with others who are also drawn to this work. I revel in the essential insights and healing that emerge out of the space of meditation and embodied attunement, of surrender, of embracing my difficult aspects… Dale’s grounding in Zen, counselling and Heartwork, coupled with his humor and unconditional positive regard, make him a truly exceptional guide and wise teacher. I am very grateful for this community and these practices!” – Kim M

“Dale’s gifts of his time, tools and guidance were invaluable in helping me enter my inner world so that I may live more fully in the outer world.” – Sonja

The most beneficial moments of the Mediation Retreat arrived in my soul several times throughout the day.  Each came as Dale spoke.  My soul seemed to gain understanding.  When Dale invited a participant to allow the inner critic to BE, really just allow it space without resistance; A Grand Spacious Freedom arose in my heart.  Today I practiced “allowing” in this way and each breath is coming with great ease.” – MB

“I uncovered more structures, I feel more free to simply be me. I feel like I’ve been able to incorporate the practices in my daily life more and more.
[Being in this group experience] makes me more connected to others, remembering we are all one, that we go through the ‘same’ things. Even when I feel like I don’t have anything to work on, I can grow and learn through others experiences.
I realized I still avoid my shadow side, and then I tend to hide myself, not letting my true nature come through, to avoid being vulnerable. I also realize I really avoid being vulnerable. I also realized that I build resentment when I keep controlling my true nature.” – 
Bruna M