What is Heartwork?

“In the heart of every problem lies its solution. We spend enormous amounts of time and energy searching for answers outside ourselves, when the answers lie within. Heartwork is a simple, direct, powerful, yet gentle tool for opening fully to one’s life. Both a spiritual practice and a way of living, Heartwork serves to resolve problems at their core, and to open the “heart of compassion.” Heartwork is a creative process, which teaches one to find fundamental solutions to both everyday problems and the more difficult life questions, transforming “problems” into doorways to compassion, insight and joy.” 

– Heartwork’s founder, Dale Goldstein

Heartwork is a synthesis of Eastern meditative approaches to healing and Western psychology and philosophy, using awareness as the primary vehicle to see into the source of one’s problems. The basic assumption of Heartwork is that our fundamental state is wholeness. Dis-ease is a separation from this wholeness.

Experience Heartwork at a workshop, retreat, or training
These transformational events offer an opportunity to learn and internalize powerful tools in a supported setting and offer the possibility of personal breakthroughs and life-changing experiences.
Email the Heartwork Institute at awakentheheart@gmail.com for more information.

Experience Heartwork individually
In-person, Zoom, Skype, Face Time, and phone Heartwork sessions are available.
Email Dale directly at dalegee22@gmail.com.

Heartwork Institute: 882 Titus Avenue – Rochester, NY  14617

awakentheheart@gmail.com     888-340-9865

Dale Goldstein: dalegee22@gmail.com     585-544-8124