If you don’t go in and find and work with your wounds, you are never free.

—Donna Sue Lee

In one small but VAST moment on your couch, my life evolved…I closed the loop. The searching begins and ends in me.

— Sarah Derrenbacher

To forgive is not to forget. It is allowing yourself to drown in compassion and love while breathing through your heart.

— Brian S.

The Intensive was incredible for me…(It) becomes clear how similar we all are underneath our external differences …how vulnerable all of us are and how much we all long to be loved, to feel included, to feel we have a place.

— Anonymous

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement and your belief in me….you have made all the difference for me since seeing you. I have seen SO many different therapists over the years. Nobody has ever helped me the way you have.  For this I will be forever grateful!

— Suzanne Brush McGrath

I write from the wisdom of my heart. I truly believe Heartwork was guided to me by the grace of my deceased mother. It was a divine plan that unfolded over the last 12 years. As I write now, the truth unfolds. Heartwork has taught me the truth of who I am. Right now as I unwind into the mystery of this moment, I know the truth of my soul. The soul knows no words, it just is. From moment to moment, the soul knows, now, and the next, and so forth.

What I believe is that my soul got twisted from the truth of my being and in doing so I forgot/lost parts of me – the perfect child of god. I am claiming now all of my being, who I am and Heartwork has taught me this going within, feeling, crying, loving every moment that comes. I got a message several months back – “It’s time to open up to the Love of God” and I didn’t understand it all in that moment but I took it to heart and remembered. In doing so later, I wrote a poem that came to me:

Remember, remember God
Remember the joy of God’s Love
Remember being in God’s holy nest
Remember hearing God
Remember being in the moment
Remember God holding you as he is now
Remember all of God’s words and wisdom
Remember the will of God, the will of God’s holiness

The will of God is you, remember when I wrote Remember I did it because it was the right thing in the moment, so it must be. Maybe later for me, I will know why. Now I have come to know how a mother must let go of her child. I am learning that the greatest gift a mother can do is completely let go when the time is right. I know now after many tears, my son is in better hands with God, than me. That’s what it means to me now, letting the Love of God in is letting go of the pain and suffering that comes along with holding on and controlling. I am free now, not only for me, but for my son who is about to go off to college and begin his life. I will be a part of his life but he is free now to begin his journey into his soul and to be free to be all that he was meant to be. Heartwork has helped me free my soul, my life, my son, and I am ever so grateful.

— Margie Mensik