What do you really want?

Everyone has a yearning... 
to feel connected
to be whole
to be free
to know God
to be fully alive

Surrendering through the fear 
one discovers that what one 
has always been seeking
has always been there
inside the yearning
What do you really, really want?
Let your yearning take you home.

The Heartwork Experience

  • In his thirty years of practice, Dale Goldstein has developed simple, powerful, and gentle tools for opening fully to one’s life. These are what make up “Heartwork.” Thousands of participants have experienced major personal breakthroughs and life-changing experiences using Heartwork tools.
  • Current Heartwork offerings include workshops, retreats, and more. These transformational events offer an opportunity to engage with Heartwork tools in a supportive setting. Click here to discover more.

Experience Heartwork individually

  • Individual Heartwork sessions are available in person, and via Skype or phone. Email Dale directly at dalegee22@gmail.com.
  • Dale Goldstein, LCSW-R, accepts many HSA’ and FSA’s. If you have any questions about coverage, please call Annette Barron at 800-918-9858

Explore Heartwork

Letting go with awareness 
into the Truth of your Being-in-the-moment...
this is the way of Heartwork.

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Dale Goldstein: dalegee22@gmail.com    585-739-8884