Hosting an Event

Often people ask if we can bring a Heartwork workshop to their workplace, a community group, or to a specific region of the country. The Heartwork Institute is willing to go to places where people have become interested in Heartwork and have reached the point where they want to organize a workshop. Here are some brief guidelines to help you with hosting a workshop.

1. What Is The Level of Interest?

About 8 months prior to when you want to have the workshop, begin discussions in your local group to determine the interest for a workshop.

2. Which Workshop Do You Want?

We have offered more than 100 workshops in the past, and can customize any of them to meet your needs. For help determining what kind of workshop you need, contact us.

3. Who Will Host The Event?

Ask for volunteers to be the local organizers of the workshop.

4. Scheduling The Workshop

Schedule the workshop at a mutually agreeable time. You will also need to work out a clear understanding with the Heartwork Institute, Inc. of the minimum full-pay registrations that will make the workshop viable as well as the maximum number of people that can be accepted into the workshop.

5. Get Ready For The Initial Mailing

Arrange with Annette to have specific flyers printed about the Heartwork workshop for your local group. Then prepare your mailing lists.

6. Set Goals

Four months before the workshop, do the first mailing. Set a goal of having the minimum number of full-pay participants registered for the workshop with the Heartwork Institute, Inc. two months before the event.

7. Make A “GO” Or “NO GO” Decision

Two months before the program you will be consulting with Annette as to whether the workshop is viable.

8. Hospitality Committee Goes To Work

Now the fun begins as you and the Hospitality Committee work closely with Annette to complete the final arrangements for the workshop.

For more information about Hosting An Event email us at or call our Admistrator, Annette Barron at 585-739-8884,  fax 800-986-3910, or write to us at The Heartwork Institute, Inc., 882 Titus Avenue, Rochester, NY 14617.