“Meditation & Inquiry Solitary  Retreat

8:00 pm Friday through 8:00 pm Sunday

Due to the very positive response I received from participants in the last Solitary Retreat, I have decided to offer a second retreat similar to the first, but this time including some Inquiry along with the meditative tools used in the first retreat. Instructions for Inquiry will be sent to you when you register.

The format (beginning and ending times – 8:00pm Friday through 8:00pm Sunday, as well as conference calls – Friday at 8:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm and 7:00pm) will remain the same, and there will not be a set fee, as per last time. You can participate for both days (preferably), or just one day if your time is limited.  You are welcome to participate alone or in a group – from wherever you can be undisturbed/ undistracted.

You will prepare for the retreat for the entire week prior to the retreat, according to instructions sent in the confirmation letter you will receive upon registration.  All Heartwork processes aim to surrender into the Truth of one’s Being-in-the-moment.  In the last retreat, this was accomplished through the use of meditative tools that facilitated the letting go.  In this retreat, participants will take the spirit and process of letting go into inquiring (surrendering with curiosity) into whatever your big unresolved issue may be, allowing yourself to be drawn into the question with the desire to deeply understand what it is all about and, ideally, resolve the issue at it’s core.

There will most likely be one opportunity for Inquiry the first day of the retreat, and two opportunities on the second day, as your practice deepens.  All Inquiry sessions are optional.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your inner work with the support of fellow inner workers from all over the country doing the work along with you.


If you have questions about the retreat itself, please feel free to email Dale at dalegee22@gmail.com.