Details of the Brave Soul Program

  1. The program will begin on July 1st. The registration form for the program is located on this website. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation letter that will give you all the information you need to get started with the program, including the url’s for the web pages for items enumerated below.
  2. The program is open to everyone who wants to go deep into their inner work, regardless of their prior experience.
  3. The group will have its own private web page to share communications with each other and myself.
  4. You will be able to tailor-make your involvement in the program, according to your time and financial constraints. We have set up a Google doc where you can record your commitment to the various aspects of the program – namely: daily meditation practice, inner work trades with a partner or “pod,” private sessions with Dale, small group, meditation group, group guidance conference calls, 24-hour mini-retreats and/or “Days of Heartwork,” and the 3- to 5-day retreat this October. Example
  5. The meditation group, 24-hour mini-retreats and/or “Days of Heartwork,” and the 3- to 5-day retreat this October are open to the public; the rest of the program is open only to participants. All aspects of the program are optional.
  6. Needless to say, not everyone will choose the same options, so we will find a happy medium that we hope will suit everyone.
  7. Your fee will be calculated on July 1st, according to the personalized program that most closely fits your choices. You will only pay for your personalized program. If you let us know up front that you will not be able to participate at a certain time that the group you committed to is meeting, you will not be charged for that meeting. You can estimate your fee by the value amounts listed on the website. You will have an opportunity at this time to change your preferences. You will then commit to the program for one year.
  8. Payment plans, Work Study and Scholarships can be discussed with Annette. Scholarships are based on your financial circumstances. Work Study is a trade of your time in exchange for a part of the program. You can qualify for up to a 50% Scholarship, and do Work Study for the rest of the program.
  9. Regarding insurance coverage: If your insurance company covers psychotherapy, you can submit statements from us for private sessions, and, if they cover group therapy, group guidance conference calls, 24-hour mini-retreats and/or “Days of Heartwork,” and the 3- to 5-day retreat. You need to be sure, if you’re doing phone, Skype and/or Face Time sessions, that your insurance covers these. Most insurance companies only cover in-person sessions.
  10. A partner/pod trade involves finding one or two or three others with whom you will do regular peer trades, using the Heartwork tools, such as Guided Heartwork, Inquiry, Just Listening, etc. to deepen your inner work. If a pod wishes to work with Dale privately, the fee for the entire pod is the same as a fee for a private session (divided by the number of people in the pod).
  11. In group guidance conference calls, participants will check in, get answers to questions that have arisen for them, and receive brief guidance for their inner work, possibly have a group exercise of some kind. It is my intention to be as responsive as possible to the needs of the group.
  12. For those who are interested in a more intense immersion in this work, Dale will facilitate “small groups,” where 8-12 individuals have an opportunity to receive in-depth individual guidance, with the others witnessing and holding the space. Each person’s work becomes everyone’s work. There will also be dyad and group work and plenty of time for questions and answers
  13. Mini-retreats start at 9:00 PM with conference call. Ground rules are established, a description of the work is given, people introduce themselves, and a homework assignment is given that takes the group through the night and morning. Another call at 11:00 AM with discussion, sharing and guidance, and another homework assignment. Another call at 4:00 PM, and a final call at 8 PM.
  14. People who live in or near highly populated “Brave Soul cities” (i.e., Rochester, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, etc.) can gather together for partner/pod trades, Days of Heartwork and mini-retreats.  Days of Heartwork will all be held in Rochester, with outlying groups and individuals having the ability to Skype or call in during talks and discussion periods. All participants will come together for the annual retreat, usually in the Rochester area.  Conference calls are all done over the phone.
  15. You will be asked to post a brief bio (what you want others to know about you as a way of introducing yourself to the group) and contact information on the group web page.
  16. You can choose trade and pod (a group of 3 or 4 individuals with whom you would do deep inner work) buddies, based on others’ similar levels of commitment (from the Google doc) and web page bios.
  17. Dale will create two or three smaller groups from the large group for group guidance conference calls, matching participants according to their varying levels of commitment and experience.
  18. Dates and times for Conference Calls, Days of Heartwork, and Mini-Retreats will be determined by participants who register before July 1, 2014. A Google doc has been set up for you to enter your ABSOLUTE NO dates and times for these events.
  19. A recording of the conference call will available here only until June 4th. After that time, only group members will have access to the recording on the group web page.
  20. Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions. If appropriate, I will share your question/suggestion and my response on the group’s web page.
  21. Please direct all administrative questions/concerns, including requests for scholarships and work study to Annette at or 585-739-8884.

PLEASE NOTE: The early registration deadline (registration and payment received by) for the upcoming July 12th Day of Heartwork is June 9th.

Work in the Program: Individuals will decide their level of commitment (fees are included below, where applicable; scholarship and work-study are available: inquire with Annette) for the year (not that one cannot change the level at any time)

  • Daily meditation practice, using one or more of the above meditations: ½, 1 or more hours
  • Recommended Reading
  • Partner/pod (small group of 3 or 4) trade, using one or more of the Heartwork tools): weekly or every other week
  • Group Meditation Call: one hour weekly: group led (without Dale)$0, with Dale $15
  • Private sessions with Dale: weekly to quarterly, $80-130 according to financial circumstances; may be covered by your insurance carrier
  • Small group sessions with Dale: every other week or monthly, 2.5 hours $25/hour
  • Group guidance conference calls: monthly or every other month: 1, 1.5 or 2 hours, $20/hour
  • 24-hour mini-retreats (a guided retreat with 4 discussion periods via conference call), $100
  • “Day of Heartwork” (see flier at:
    Monthly, every other month, or quarterly, $100
  • 3- to 5-day retreat (individuals can choose how many days to participate): $350/day, (see flier:

As always, all aspects of participation are optional.

Meditations and practices that will be used:

  • Soft Belly Meditation
  • Soft Body Meditation
  • Awareness Meditation
  • Soft Body/Awareness Meditation
  • Just Listening
  • Guided Heartwork
  • Inquiry
  • Do Nothing Meditation
  • Unwinding

Participants can access all past mini-retreats for free to help master these tools.

Sign up! – email to get started

Helpful Q and A:

Q: When should we have our program decided by?
A: The sooner people register, the sooner we all know what the program is going to look like…

Q. How many people will be in this program?
A. We don’t know yet. We’ll know by end of June. If there is a large group, the group conference calls may be broken down into a couple of groups.

Q: Do I need to sign up for the entire program?
A: No, only those aspects of the program you are interested in.

Q: What is the very minimum that I can sign up for in terms of the Brave Souls and still participate.  What does this minimum cost?
A: One hour group guidance call every other month

Q: Can I do participate in mini-retreats and Days of Heartwork if I don’t sign up for the program?
A: Yes, but if there are not enough people committed to these events in advance, they won’t be offered.

Q: How does the Day of Heartwork and the Brave Souls program intersect?
A: The Day of Heartwork and the 24-hour mini-retreats both aspects of the Brave Souls program.  They are also open to the general public.

Q: Will the same people attend both?
A: I expect most of the participants will come from the Brave Souls program.

Q. I’m not clear on working by myself and with you on Heartwork. How would this be different for me?
A. People would buddy up on phone sessions prior. Different in that you’re working with a group of people. There’s any energy with working with people. I have found tremendous value working with group/community, to support your work.