Unwinding – a quick overview

Unwinding is what your cat or dog does when it has too much tension in its body. Pets stretch, growl, snarl, meow—whatever they need to do to release the tension they are holding—and all unselfconsciously. We, too, inhabit animal bodies that know what they need to do to release tension. All you have to do is to get out of the way and allow your body to let go: stretch, moan, groan, cry, wail, scream, shout, yawn. Unwinding is a skill that needs to be relearned. We knew how to do it when we were little, but as we got older we outgrew it (we were told, in one way or another, that it was unacceptable behavior)… So put [the music] on, simply feel into your deepest yearning (what You really really want), and just give your body permission to let go. This relearning may take some practice, but it is well worth it.

-Heartwork, How to Get What You Really, Really Want

Below are two pieces of music composed specifically for Unwinding by Todd Carter. Clear a comfortable space for yourself, with blankets or mats, or whatever you need to be relaxed with space to move. Turn on the music and let yourself unwind…

Unwinding Beginning
Unwinding Dawn

You can also download 2 pieces of music to use for Unwinding:
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password: zif2+tob
Steve Greene’s Arrivals,   (Copyright © 1994)     (27.6 Mb)
Steve Greene’s Opening,   (Copyright © 1994)    (22.6 Mb)