The Soul:  A Heartwork Retreat

February 26-28, 2022

Many spiritual traditions talk about the Soul.  It could mean anything from one’s immortal self, to an entity that leaves the body at the time of death and floats up to heaven (hopefully!), to the spirit and essence of a person, to soul music and soul food and beyond. 

What we will be looking at in this Retreat is the dynamic Soul that morphs in real time – our immediate, direct experience.  This aspect of Being can be accessed in its many forms through certain spiritual processes.  Together, we will experientially explore the nature and function of our relationship with Soul.  

Your Soul is the site of your consciousness.  It is where you perceive, feel alive, and are imprinted by everything that happens within our experience.  Soul is what can learn, grow, actualize, mature, and develop.  

Soul can identify with Ego or True Nature, depending on where you focus your attention.  It is not confined by the limitations of the Egoic mind. 

In this Retreat, we will see how the Egoic Soul develops through identifications, and how it is transformed through deep non-dual Inquiry.  We will explore the relationship between Soul, Presence and Inquiry. 

— Dale