In one small but VAST moment on your couch, my life evolved. . . I closed the loop. The searching begins and ends in me.
Sarah Derrenbacher

NASA’s  Voyager 1 has traveled eleven billion miles to the edge of the solar system. Instead of breaking through interstellar space, it is traveling new space called the “magnetic highway.”  St. Augustine said that people go abroad and gaze at the wonder of the stars and pass by themselves without ever noticing.

In October 2012, I went to Batavia, New York for a five day Heartwork Transformational Retreat with Dale Goldstein.  Heartwork is a way of making the unconscious conscious by going to the deepest parts of yourself to face your fears, anger, shadow. The work of confronting and working the process is a road that leads to freedom.  Who am I and what do I really really want in life?  What stands in the way?Twenty years later and after having done many Heartwork Retreats, I trust the process and will continue to do my own inner work all my days.  I do not want to pass on hurtful behavior either to my family, friends or myself.  This is the work I believe God is calling me to.Theresa of Avila said we are good givers but not good receivers.  At the October Presence Retreat, I went with an openhearted attitude of being a good receiver.  I was overcome with the gifts that came.  That in itself was a profound experience of the bounty of God who wants to give us more than we could ever dream of.  He needs us during this very important time of our evolution.  Confronting old beliefs allows the joy of being co-creators with Him in a new way. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes said “We are like ships in the harbor and great ships were not meant to stay in the harbor.”  -Sonja

I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.I am fighting a rare cancer.Before I met Dale, I did not realize how much my emotional baggage had affected my health.I had so much anger and bitterness in my heart, and it was eating me alive.Holding on to anger and bitterness is like taking poison and then waiting for the other person to die!

Dale is a miracle worker — my life will never be the same!In only five months, I transformed the anger in my life into peace!  Through Dale’s Heartwork techniques and his meditation class, he helped me realize and achieve what I really, really wanted in life… I have never before felt so FREE and full of Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, and Forgiveness!  Thanks to Dale’s online Forgiveness Retreat, I was able to forgive the people who had hurt me in the past.

I was shocked at how my physical symptoms cleared up.  I had suffered chronic back pain for most of my adult life and now it’s gone!  After I was diagnosed with cancer, I could not sleep more then 3-4 hours at a time.  Now I can sleep for 8 hours straight!   My cancer markers had reached the danger zone, a level of 2.5, back in August. The combined effects of alternative treatments and Heartwork surely both played significant roles in bringing my cancer markers down to 0.0!  As I said before, Dale is a MIRACLE worker!!

For anyone willing to get to the heart of their problems, to have an open mind, and to work towards living and having Peace, Dale is the perfect helper for you to achieve what you really want.  He also does Skype sessions for those who live outside of the Rochester area.  There isn’t enough money in the world to pay Dale for all he has done in my life.

I hope this sparks a change in your life.  “Live in the Present, so you won’t dwell in the Past or worry about the Future. Thanks to Dale and God, I have had many breakthroughs and now have an open heart full of Peace!

Carolina DeHond

Last night I went to my father and together we did your forgiveness meditation. In a beautiful moment of peace, I forgave my father and he forgave me. We cried together and he smiled and said it was so beautiful. Those were his last words.

This morning he passed away…. As he left this earth I felt his spirit go and it was love.

God bless you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for helping my father and I on our journey.

Jimmy Lindsey

It helped to put into perspective the difference between old egotistical Paul that believed a great warriors strengths were the muscle and size to intimidate, to make others fear by degradation or humility, and act like the pain of hurting others didn’t hurt me.
Dale, I am so grateful for you and the Heartwork way. Without you or it I would have without doubt  unconsciously crashed through this life wreaking havoc and believing there was something physical that would miraculously fill the emptiness.
I have accepted and anticipate the beauty of slowly walking into the fire. To sit in torture knowing if I leave I will suffer 10 fold. Walls burn. Chains break. Mountains move. Wounds heal. Scars are reminders. Innocence is lost. Suffering is a beautiful blessing and God is always with me as he always has.
I have grieved the loss of the “great warrior” who needed affirmation from the lost to tell him he was great. I have grieved the loss of the warrior who laughed at others, hated for reasons learned, and didn’t cry because pain can be buried.
In this awakening into consciousness and spirituality my warrior spirit leads with love, awareness, compassion and God’s hand on my shoulder.

Paul Dixon

My work with Dale Goldstein and the Heartwork Institute has been a transformational force in reanimating and positively directing my creativity, my productivity, and my ability to generate and follow through with new ideas.

I began working with Dale in December of 1999. I was led to him through several people who had experienced his work and possessed a kind of energy, desire, and enthusiasm for their lives and their work, which I had lost.

What I found in Dale’s approach and the Heartwork method has been unequivocally the most accelerated way of getting to the core of what was holding me back. In the past year I have tripled my monthly income. I have rediscovered and reclaimed what I love about my work. I have found the energy, confidence, and desire to deepen my commitment to myself and my career; expanding the services I offer, and broadening the scope of the audience I attract.

I have experienced Dale’s work individually and in group format. He has laser-like clarity and heartfelt compassion in his ability to identify the core of any problem; expertly facilitating individuals and groups in opening to new ideas, solutions, and ways of working cohesively and productively toward the efficient accomplishment of a goal….

Dale Goldstein offers companies, teams, and individuals a highly effective, transformational method to transcend barriers to productivity, professional success, and job satisfaction. This work has the power to positively and efficiently streamline change in any arena.

—Hallie E. Sawyers, LMT, NCTMB, Soul Song, Rochester, NY

Through the years I have attended more training sessions, conferences, and seminars than I care to count. Each in it’s own way has helped shape my view of the business world and the way I approach it. They all have had a common weakness: although the ideas, plans, schemes, methods, whatever always sound great, they never address the internal barriers to change. I’d love the ideas, but would find that after a few days of trying to implement them, I would fail, give up, not have enough time, or just plain forget to do them! (I always remember I’m on a diet AFTER I order the meal!)

The work we did together comes from a completely different place. Instead of adding on another program, another set of things to do, it actually helped remove the things that were holding me back. When we did the work on money for example, we just cleared up my confusion and my fear about what it meant to do well financially….in the end, rather than adding yet another program to my life, our work together took away a barrier that was limiting my success!

And it worked! As you know, I made several big career changes, became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major division of Ziff-Davis, and now own a thriving business in Sydney, Australia.

There is no doubt in my mind that our work together played a significant role in my success. I thank you, and I wish you all the best in helping others to get through the blocks that hold them back from fully realizing their potential.

—Harvey Feldstein, Director, Appcon Learning Solutions, Sydney, Australia

…when I began this work with you…I was a very confused and indecisive individual…. I was always looking for someone else to solve my problems: problems I always thought were “caused” by someone else, whom I labeled as insensitive, uncaring, or screwed-up. I could never see my own responsibility in my interpersonal difficulties…at work or in my personal life. I never saw that my confusion and inability to move ahead in my career and my marriage were caused by the invisible walls I had built around me. These issues had brought me to a literal dead-end.

Beginning Heartwork was like walking…into the warm ocean of LIFE. It was terrifying at first, but it was ALIVE. And my heart knew that. That if I had any chance to really come to life, I had to face whatever fears, hidden memories, walled-off pieces of myself that came up. And come up they did. Through trusting my own heart, and through your skillful, perceptive, intuitive and loving guidance and presence, I began to discover my own true self. It was never easy, but what challenge worth anything is?

Today…I am now leading our firm as President … something I could never have foreseen even a few years ago. And though I struggle day by day to do the best I can, for my employees and myself, it is a struggle filled with joy and satisfaction. At home, Vicki has at last agreed to come with me to one of your workshops herself … having seen the positive changes in me through Heartwork. My employees/co-workers trust me, and have faith in my leadership. Some of my closest friends work there.

Life presents continual challenges, pains and hardships. Yet I now can place my feet firmly on the road of Joy, Strength, Purpose, and Presence, through your incredible gift to me of yourself and the Heartwork process.

—Richard Wehrman, President, Bob Wright Creative Group, Rochester, NY

The deep work that I participated in [at a Heartwork Intensive] created such movement in my life that I would have deemed it a miracle. That year I left an emotionally abusive marriage, purchased my first home and started my business. The first year in business I did $150,000 in sales and grew to 2 million dollars in sales this past year. I own 8 rental properties and have renovated 6 homes for profit. I give much of the credit for this prosperity to my work with Dale….

The personal benefits are that I am involved in a rich and growing relationship with a wonderful man. I have a healthy and active teenage son and close intimate friends in my life…. The work…with Dale Goldstein is deep, profound and life changing.

—Debra L. Cleveland, CEO, President, Print Works Plus, Rochester, NY

In my experience in these very different business sectors, the tools and knowledge gained from working with you have proved indispensable. My increased self-awareness, my enhanced ability to decipher what is meant but not said, and my strategic insight into understanding how to more effectively resolve boundary issues, have collectively made me a more effective, agile, and relationship-oriented contributor in the workplace.

And my bottom line is this: I am more productive in the workplace, I am quicker and more comfortable to adapt to change in the workplace, and I can more creatively think outside the box in the workplace because of my work with you.

—Jonathan Bregman, Director of Development, University of Colorado Foundation, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

I became very passionate about what I was doing. My co-workers even commented that I was “different.” Somehow, it even got to the Division Manager and he stopped by to say that he was pleased with what he had heard about my recent increase in enthusiasm and interest and quality of my work…. As time went on, I was given special Quality Improvement Facilitator training….

Most recently, I have been asked to help in the new leadership training program that has been initiated at Kodak Park. In addition to delivering skill modules for helping leaders, I am working with a small team on designing processes to be used for self-mastery….

Through Heartwork, my heart of compassion has opened making it possible to see others – who they are, what gifts they have, and passionate about bringing those gifts forward.

—Trish Dorland, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY

I have worked in sales for five years. I have noticed some wonderful changes in my professional life since I have begun Heartwork. Our work has had a direct effect on my job performance. Overall, I am a more confident person.

I share my thoughts and ideas more readily. I have a tremendous amount of faith in myself and know that I can accomplish what comes my way. My life has clarity. When I come into the office things are clear. I am able to focus solely on the task at hand and am not bothered by non-work related problems. Working with clients directly, that clarity and confidence is invaluable! I cater to clients’ needs in a more direct way. I have become a better listener.…

I can honestly say I have gotten more out of the work we have done than ten Dale Carnegie courses! I appreciate the compassion and the time you have given to help so many people and me with obstacles in our lives. My workplace has become a much happier and more enjoyable place to be!

—Mary Helen Jacobus, Prudential Securities, Inc., Houston, TX

My work with the Heartwork Institute has had a profound impact on my life. It has helped me both personally and professionally. Because of the work I’ve done, I have had the courage to assert my ideas with confidence when necessary and I’ve been able to be confrontational in a gentle way when necessary. My work also gave me the security and self-assuredness to listen to conflicting ideas and opinions without feeling any threat to my integrity or sense of self.

—Lorraine Kupka, Owner, Precise Communications, Rochester, NY

It’s all connected – personal identity and professional success – in that you can’t even begin the process of goal-setting until you take that first step of seeing who you are and what you just might be capable of achieving. For me, that first step, and my investment in Heartwork, is what truly made the entire difference.

—Meami Craig, WARM-FM, Rochester, NY

I have benefited from this experience immensely. [Dale] has shown me the necessary tools, which have guided me to become productive in my life and make responsible choices. The profit from these decisions continue to increase in my life…

—Elaine F. Webster, Teacher, Learning Gate Charter School, Sarasota, FL

…as a direct result of the work I did with you in July of 2000, my income increases by almost 50% by the end of October. Then, as a result of the last Heartwork event of November 1-4, 2000, the number of clients I see doubled.…

I love what I do and now I can be in the moment with my clients free from barriers/fears that once were a part of my life….

Dale, your ability to help people get from where they are to where they want to be is truly remarkable. Thank you for who you are and the miraculous work that is part of your being.

—Margie Mensik, Massage Therapist, Sugarland, TX

…With Dale’s input…I undertook a huge personal “leap of faith” in the creation of a startup specialty construction firm…. During the first six months of the new endeavor, my net income equaled my previous annual salary. The following two years, my income has increased by approx. 25% annually….

Dale remains a true godsend, guiding me through the intricate maze of my burdensome fears and late-night wakeful apprehensions. Dale patiently and gently teaches me to stand firmly in my fear, to walk each day confidently….

I truly feel alive in my fear as a true warrior, and grateful for these opportunities which accompany change.

—Jack Hoffend, Upstate Rigging, Rochester, NY

Professionally, our work together has given me the trust in myself and my abilities. I actually find it easier to focus on my work and my goals. I have found that I no longer give my time and talent away, making others successful instead of myself. All of this adds up to my better productivity for time and effort…. Heartwork has given me the trust, knowing and tools to be able to be prosperous and happy.

—Gary Griffin, Gary Griffin Productions, Houston, TX

I am the owner of a business that requires “better than average” communication skills. Our product is service oriented, so it is essential that we as a team understand client needs. It is imperative that the staff be able to make impartial yet responsible judgments based on limited information.

The skills that my staff and I have acquired through working with Dale Goldstein have greatly increased productivity and client relations…. The staff are now able to view problems from a full spectrum. They are able to identify sources and causes of barriers. They now have skills to diffuse issues related to both conflict and negativity. These empowering tools promote morale and a greater sense of stability in the work environment.

Our budget for professional growth opportunities lists Dale Goldstein and Heartwork as the most requested. As owner, I often wish I could make this work mandatory. I believe that the attitudinal changes that come out of this work aides staff retention and increases staff desire to turn a profit. They positively want success. It’s not just another job!

—Janice Wagley, A-Amigo Bail Bonds, San Antonio, TX

…Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done with our staff. I found your sessions to be thorough, concise and very productive. Learning was actually fun!!! I will not have any problems getting my staff to participate in any future sessions…they have been asking for them. Look forward to working with you in the near future….Thanks again….

—Kostas Peters, Director of Sales and Marketing, New Horizons CLC of Rochester

…Heartwork has helped me both personally and professionally. By using the tools I have learned in Heartwork, I can see beyond a situation in front of me and find the answers that lie beneath the surface. These techniques have helped me to improve my relationship with my employees and in turn, they have become more loyal and trusting in me and my goals for the Company.

I would recommend Heartwork to anyone struggling with themselves or others on both personal and professional levels. The more we understand about ourselves…the easier it is for us to understand others.

—Anita M. Ottley. Manufacturing Plant Manager, Lisk Coils / A Div. of G.W. Lisk, Clifton Springs, NY

Heartwork has helped me remove barriers…. I’ve learned how to take responsibility for my actions without blaming others. I now understand that fear is behind anger, manipulation, and denial of truth. Knowing this I can be more compassionate to myself and others. I can be an observer rather than a victim. Also, through Heartwork, I have been able to…connect with “my Heart’s desire” for work and service. I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to Heartwork two years ago. It has truly changed my life.

Brenda Kuciemba, Project Manager, Shell Services International, Inc., Houston, TX

I am 55 years old. I have a BBA in Accounting and a Graduate degree in Chemical Engineering. Being introspective by nature I have spent the bulk of the last 35 years reading voraciously in the fields of history, religion, philosophy, and science. I have made serious attempts to master biofeedback, hypnosis, meditation, visualization, positive thinking, physical exercise and any other discipline that I thought would help me spiritually.

Some of these things helped (I started my own company which has done extremely well and I have a great family). But I was locked inside my head; unable to think beyond, much less feel beyond, the boundaries of my intellect. In short, I was unable to connect with people, with nature, with God. I even looked down on people who said they could.

I have known Dale less than 8 months, but in that time I have formed the deepest, most trusting and loving relationships of my life outside of my immediate family. Some sort of connection, which I cannot describe but which is acknowledged by all parties, has formed at the very core of our souls, and every time we see each other (which is not often due to geographic differences) it is like running into a long lost family member.

And that is not all. Though still a neophyte, I am beginning to be able to learn about God (and myself) in a new and entirely spiritual way. There is freedom in it.

I am no fool and I am too deeply rooted in the scientific method to completely abandon critical analysis, but Dale has shown me that isn’t necessary. Like the two senses of sight and smell, I now have two ways of learning and growing. I have both a mind and a heart.

That is what Heartwork is all about, and it has greatly enriched my life.

—Nathan D. Massey, President, Chemstations, Inc., Houston, Texas

The Personal Intensives I have had with Dale are some of the most significant and memorable experiences of my life. The Intensive gave me a unique opportunity to really slow down and experience myself without the usual time and physical limitations.

Physically, one is able to move between 2 very comfortable spaces – Dale’s office and the dark, quiet, isolation room. This arrangement gives the client tremendous flexibility to find the location that feels right at any given time.

The Intensives had no pre-planned agenda. The minutes and hours unfold in an organic way as Dale and I sensed our way to experiences of great depth, feeling and meaning. Dale’s deeply focused attention, guidance, gentleness, empathy, and rich life and inner-work experience consistently help to clarify and deepen the emotional openings that occur.

As a direct result of the Intensives I have directly and viscerally learned (among many other things), to have more patience with myself, to feel my way inside myself and to wait for things to emerge when they are ready, to be much gentler and generous to myself and with others.

—Kenneth Leeds

I lost my father in a tragic airplane accident. He was my mentor, my counselor, the person I always trusted for guidance, someone I could always count on no matter what. Now he was gone and I didn’t know how to deal with the pain, the suffering and loss I felt. I traveled from Houston to New York for an intensive with Dale Goldstein. Grieving and apprehensive, I wanted someone or something to help me get at the pain, to help me open up and let go of the suffering I felt. Dale was that some one. He possesses a special gift of understanding coupled with a deep compassion for those he works with. Not only does he feel one’s pain but has the unique ability to get one to “let go” and open up to their suffering inside. Heartwork and Dale Goldstein changed my life and gave me everyday tools to deal with my inner self. I’m grateful for the understanding and experience.

—Mitch Creekmore, Houston, Texas

I write from the wisdom of my heart. I truly believe Heartwork was guided to me by the grace of my deceased mother. It was a divine plan that unfolded over the last 12 years. As I write now the truth unfolds. Heartwork has taught me the truth of who I am. Right now as I unwind into the mystery of this moment I know the truth of my soul. The soul knows no words, it just is. From moment to moment, the soul knows, now and the next and so forth.

What I believe is that my soul got twisted from the truth of my being and in doing so I forgot/lost parts of me – the perfect child of god. I am claiming now all of my being, who I am and Heartwork has taught me this going within, feeling, crying, loving every moment that comes. I got a message several months back – “It’s time to open up to the Love of God” and I didn’t understand it all in that moment but I took it to heart and remembered. In doing so later I wrote a poem that came to me:

Remember, remember God
Remember the joy of God’s Love
Remember being in God’s holy nest
Remember hearing God
Remember being in the moment
Remember God holding you as he is now
Remember all of God’s words and wisdom
Remember the will of God, the will of God’s holiness

The will of God is you, remember when I wrote Remember I did it because it was the right thing in the moment, so it must be. Maybe later for me I will know why. Now I have come to know how a mother must let go of her child. I am learning that the greatest gift a mother can do is completely let go when the time is right. I know now after many tears my son is in better hands with God than me. That’s what it means to me now, letting the Love of God in is letting go of the pain and suffering that comes along with holding on and controlling. I am free now not only for me but for my son who is about to go off to college and begin his life. I will be a part of his life but he is free now to begin his journey into his soul and to be free to be all that he was meant to be. Heartwork has helped me free my soul, my life, my son and I am ever so grateful.

—Margie Mensik

The workshop greatly exceeded my expectations. I had no idea how much I was holding back, how much deeper I could love myself, including all the good parts and the so called bad parts.
I feel I have a real feeling, not just a concept, in my mind about what it means to be impeccably honest with myself and to feel into the love that is in every moment.
I will remember this experience forever and continue using the tools. Thank you!!!
—Jason Facht

The most powerful workshop I’ve attended.
You have a knowledge in the realm of the heart that is uncommonly clear … and from your stories, I understand that your knowledge is hard won through personal experiences of really putting yourself on the line. It is because of that uncommon clarity that you can hold the space to make it safe for me, and many others, to take the plunge where I needed to go. In all the work that I have done, I have never seen a program created with such clarity and efficacy. You are a truly a master….
—Laurie Moses

The night before this workshop we decided not to come – then, we decided to come separately. The day the workshop started we were turning around and getting divorced. NOW we know we love each other and have to work together.
I have learned that I have to let go. Forgiveness is the key to life.
—Sunny Dickson

…halfway though the event.. i felt a shift in me, a connection to the world, and a feeling of worthiness that touched my soul.
I traveled deep into my “BEING” and have reached new and deeper places in my soul that have not been touched since I was an infant. The LOVE energy in my life is more alive than ever… with in my body and outside of me in my relationships and interactions with all beings. There is a level of Understanding that is waking in my cells…deep, deep, deep inside a knowing is being revealed, a very, very personal knowing between myself and the Universe (myself and god).
—Michele Baldwin

I have felt a profound change in how I am and feel in the world, I feel more real, more direct, more honest … less tentative, less apologetic for who I am, less ‘caught up’ in making things happen, and more accepting of what IS happening. —Laurie Moses

…had a long talk with ____________ last night and we agree that you did the MOST INCREDIBLE job over the weekend. We both got so much out of the workshop and I just can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put in to make this be the most beneficial for all of us… It’s hard to pinpoint how and when it all clicked for me and Kendall. I attribute our beautiful outcome to the way you structured the work. Great skill development exercises. Safe start …powerful conclusion. EVERYthing was perfect! You get an A+. Thank you. —Cis Dickson

This beautiful workshop is another beginning. I will take my heart into the world and try to keep it as open as possible (for myself and another) wherever I am. —Sonja Earthman

There is no other workshop I have ever taken that comes even close to this one. You put your divine masterpiece in our hearts – you gave me back my relationship. —Steve Flynn

I released things from my past that are gone forever. Not only do I thank you, but also my family I know will thank you. —Margie Mensik

God bless you for your sincere devotion and dedication to helping me and all the group!
Your “commitment” to us was, for me, a perfect example of the kind of commitment I needed to see and be involved in for Janice and I in our relationship.
—William Snider

I wanted to run
But my love for you made me stay.

You couldn’t see me
For I was hiding.

You stood there looking at me
With the eyes of perfect love
But I looked away.

But you stayed there with me
My friend, my love, my very soul…

Like Angels, you wrapped yourselves around me
and gently swept me back into myself.

These words are nothing
Compared to the sense I have of you…

This journey together,
So beautiful and blessed
Is forever a part of me now.

I bow in awe and gratefulness
For the pain that brought us together
Both yours and mine…
We gave it its rightful place at last
For now it stands beside all the joy, all the love, all the all…
Before the alter that is life itself.

Should I wander from this holy place
All I have to do is remember YOU
and our journey together
To know that I am home.
—Annie Kearney

Beyond my expectations in every way. I am absolutely blown away with your technique, the love that is brought forth in each process, and the “productivity” of the weekend. It all became very personable, intimate, and very meaningful and doable. —Blair McGrain

When you truly show up for yourself it is a glorious feeling. —Brandy Helms

It brought to me my power and it brought to me an understanding and a truth that I must live in the present moment, not in the past or future. Live in my body for me not in others for them. —April Hunter

I was hoping to learn how to forgive myself for not being the kind of parent I really wanted to be and for hurting my children. I feel as though I can say to each child how sorry I am and they will really know it, believe it and feel it. I feel this was truly an amazing experience. —Maryanne Martin

The most valuable part of the weekend was the connection and love that was present the moment I entered. I felt the warmth and energy of the group, and that grew through every process…Thank you! You helped me find my soul again. —Dena Parro

The Basic Intensive really brought me to feeling alive and filled my heart with joy.

—Doug Gorka

In my deepest despair, Heartwork allowed me to receive the miracle of life. I am forever changed.

—Shari Truitt

If you don’t go in and find and work with your wounds, you are never free.

—Donna Sue Lee

The ‘I Am’ statement was most valuable. It was the most frustrating and painful exercise I’ve ever been through, but it produced a miracle that I will cherish forever. I reclaimed several missing pieces of my life. Thank you.

—Blair McGrain

It went beyond satisfying anything I could imagine.

—Jeanne Yamonaco

I was able to reclaim my abandoned little girl and return her to my soul so I can love her. I am now complete…This was an awesome experience. I was put together in a pod with three others who uniquely fit together with me and we were magic! A miracle of God!

—Mary Jane Murray

I couldn’t have asked for anything more rewarding than this workshop! This is an amazing journey and now I look forward to living life!

—April Creekmore

The workshop took me to a deeper sense of opening and it went way beyond my expectations….The connection and sincere bond that naturally happened was invaluable. Invaluable because most of my connections and bonds have been disappointing and a let down. It was wonderful to discover that I am a deserving woman who is able to receive love from this group and to give it back to the group.

—Dena Parro

I came without expectations; I did incredible work with the three fellow Heartworkers in my pod. By some kind of divine plan, they were such perfect foils for all of my character defects and unresolved issues, concerns, and life patterns…The workshop was so beyond anything I could have wished for myself. I had the opportunity to face my fears and break free to the other side of erroneous beliefs about myself and become aware and mindful when I fall into maladaptive ways of being. I claimed my gifts of healer and teacher and was validated by my pod with a letter of thanks for my role of old timer/taskmaster that I will treasure forever.

—Diana Livingston

I saw and received the light of God’s Love and am leaving with joy and hope in my heart. Each thread wove the blanket of love. Each thread was valuable to me.

—Peter Davidson

I expected that I would be given the opportunity to change my life. I never thought that I would actually change my life. Not only did I change it, but I got the courage to continue to change it along with the tools, people and support to guide my path…I’m alive for the first time in my life….I think that exceeds every expectation I had and also many I didn’t!…All of the processes were crucial to my breaking down the ego and the programmed beliefs that blocked my way from finding the truth.

—Traci Noge

I did more meaningful feminist theorizing/practicing than I did in 7 years of graduate school. I did more human rights work than I did in 7 years of graduate school too. This is the best yoga workshop I have ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (you get the point) been to. This is also my favorite dance workshop of all time. The combination of the first 4 extras have inspired me to continue the research and book writing that I began in graduate school.

—Kirsche Dickson

Anonymous Feedback

“My heart overflows with gratitude…. My life…will never be the same….”

…I received so much joy in doing the work…done so powerfully, beautifully, and with great sacredness to who we are that this was very powerful and meaningful and altering. This was beyond what I expected and know this will be a deep part of who I am expressing in the future. I thank you!!!!!!!!!”

“Thank you…for opening the doors and windows of my life that had been boarded up and shuttered.”

“This work goes beyond my expectations – there are no limits and I see the manifestation in my life.”

“There was nothing in the workshop that did not work for me. Everything unfolded so perfectly…. This took the creation of a very sacred, very safe space…. I honor you in providing this space.”

“This was the most well spent time, energy, and money possible! The insights I gained from this are amazing.”

“I got to a tender self I have been searching for, a self that I can trust.”

“…the (Weekend of) Heartwork cleared my heart of the ache it had for a long time. The joy I have now in my heart is indescribable. I never knew how much my heart was weighted down. It’s free now to breathe and enjoy life that it was meant to have.”

“Thank you all for all the guidance you’ve given me so far. The Intensive was the best thing I’ve done for myself in my life. I think that the most important part…was getting in touch with feelings that cannot be defined by words.”

“I felt safe at all times and completely trusting of the process and group….I felt valued, nurtured and definitely got my money’s worth and more…. I know so much more about being a woman – both the light and the dark sides! I have had a glimpse of being fully present and clear.”

“Thank you for honoring my home coming. I will truly never be the same.”

“The weekend was the most exhausting, exhilarating time I have ever spent. I feel 100% alive…and so ready to start being me as a result of this experience. I have more ‘feeling’ going on in my life than I can ever remember. Somehow I am beginning to ‘saw’ through the ‘bars’ of my own cage, rather than continuing to just polish them.”

“I never realized anyone could get through to my pain and hurt. If (you) had not been so committed and giving of yourselves to me, I don’t think I could have come to the other side…where I found me.”

“The Intensive was incredible for me…(It) becomes clear how similar we all are underneath our external differences …how vulnerable all of us are and how much we all long to be loved, to feel included, to feel we have a place.”

“The pains and joys (they) describe touches me deeply. It’s okay to be touched deeply – I won’t fall apart. I feel that I have taken a quantum leap.”

“Soul sickness gets healed…. Traditional therapy doesn’t touch spiritual illness the way I felt the (weekend) did.”

“In all my years of multifaceted forms of therapy, I’ve never experienced anything that even approaches Heartwork. During the process of looking deep within, I began to really open to my own aliveness, my realness. Myself.”

“I feel I was blessed along with everyone else…. Our needs and “sorrows to be healed” were accomplished at the highest level…. Thank you Dale for opening my heart to the true meaning of commitment. We are one and each one of us depends on the other to continue the circle of life…. Now…I feel free, with changes still taking place within me…. Thank you so much for knowing my needs and meeting them…. I will never forget who I am!”

“The workshop met my hopes and greatly exceeded them as well. I feel more love with the ability to express it to my family…. My experience…was the most profound feeling of freedom, love for myself, and feeling non-self-conscious that I have ever experienced!….[I] feel alive again!!!!!!!! The celebration and the love shown and received by me from the group goes beyond words.”

“I have never felt so whole – ever!”

[I liked best] Letting myself do what was best for me, moment to moment…. Being curious about my reactions and having awareness of other’s stuff and knowing it’s THEIR stuff.

Noticing how speaking is violent, noticing how harmful ‘care taking’ is to one’s personal power. It’s actually a form of destruction and it keeps people from learning to trust themselves and drains their power. Listening to Dale’s talk about Ego and its purpose…. I have tremendous clarity. It all makes sense now. I am better ‘equipped’ to explore what I want to do next and what I expect at workshops. —Elise Buskey

The gentleness of the process was like being wrapped in velvet…. I’m leaving here secure in the knowledge that I now have confidence to really listen to what I need…. I found the whole experience so very powerful and I know in my heart that if I listen carefully I know what I need. —Jan Slagter

I came with few expectations other than [facing] my death. I was compelled to experience my grief so deeply, so profoundly, impressing rather than expressing my sorrows. This was difficult and ultimately very rewarding, to learn to sit on and be with what was stirring in me instead of dumping it verbally, and to feel it viscerally instead and not shortcutting what was necessary. —Diana Livingston

The retreat helped me feel connected in a very immediate way to the web of life and how we are all connected, throughout time and geographic space. —Katy Koontz

I was able to uncover deep wounds and had the time, space and support to heal and let go. I left in a much better state of mind with new tools for living the life I want…. One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. —Patricia Thompson

If we happened to stop after three days, I would have been happy. Going from depth psychology to spirituality was a transforming experience. For me, this was huge! I always come away changed but this retreat took me from sitting at the feet of God to being in His heart. It was truly transforming and nothing but joy and gratitude have filled my heart. Thank you! —Sonja Novo

I got to see all aspects of my being – the masks and the games that use to “get by!” Time for the games to stop and fully, gracefully, become the being I already AM. —Donna Berber

Beyond my wildest dreams. … It put together for me a framework for everything I knew to be true and a continuing fanning of the flame in search of the truth. What was valuable for me was to have a deeper understanding of the ego; to see it with more space and in a richer context. It helped me to be more curious and less afraid of it. Also, it is a relief not to have to “get rid if it.” A miraculous unfoldment of truth with such creativity, depth and richness! This is what I was waiting for my whole life! I am truly blessed and hopeful about my really getting a sense of self as a catalyst for change, the power of choice and the urgency of the Now and being so inter-connected with the global community and working together and supporting each other. It has taken Heartwork and me to the next level. —Marlene Madia

Had not imagined the levels/layers/states/’modes’ of me, myself, I…from essence to ego was huge, i.e. difference between how ego is my response/reaction to avoid pain, etc.

Going “outside the bottle” was illuminating, expansive. to feel connection/relation with God, Universe, Oneness, life force…amazing…Thank you for helping me to change my heart, life, relationship, love–and now my connection with God & the universe. —Philip Berber

This retreat was the most meaningful of many Heartwork events that I have attended so far, not to diminish all the initial groundwork that has been laid out with your help…
This retreat guided me for the first time to actually feel and to know my soul as real tangible entity. I felt it inside all of the stuff and non-stuff of my being; something holy, eternal, and universal in all of us. And I could sense it in others as well. It was and is like coming home just a little more, to that place of peace. O God.
—Michael McKinney

What more can I say, besides, ‘Thanks’? You’ve given me my life back. You have provided me with so much insight, each day is a new challenge in handling life’s little pleasures…. For the rest of my life I have the tools to enrich my life, and those I touch…. I’ve recommended this class to everyone I know. —Marianne Vandermark

I went into this expecting nothing and hoping for a miracle. I got a great deal and learned a miracle is not gotten — it can only be achieved from within by me. Only I can do it. —Carol Skelly

Dale is a wonderful teacher with a lot of knowledge and experiences. —Sharon Young

I wouldn’t change a thing in the way he teaches. —Linda Greapy

Dale was an extremely effective instructor. He kept the attention of the class and there was never a dull moment. He is a very talented instructor. —Debra Fair

Dale is very knowledgeable, skilled and grounded. This is the best… course I have taken…. Dale helps participants move to the causal level to heal themselves, instead of changing externals which we most often have no control over. —C. Rusenman

Dale is the best instructor I have encountered…. I wish the entire country could take this course….

To me, it’s the most meaningful and helpful class I have ever taken…. I recommend [it] to all… employees…. I’m sure their attitude towards other co-workers will change in a positive way and we will have a nicer, more productive environment. Attending this course will make a big difference in everybody’s life. —Binli “Jessie” Do

Dale is a compassionate, gifted healer and obviously an experienced workshop leader. [The workshop] seemed tailor made to the group’s need (flexible but complete). Offer Dale’s services to each division within each… department. —Angela Adams

(Healing in the Workplace) is an excellent experience of looking deeply at what we all want in our workplaces, how we hold ourselves back, and what we can personally make possible…. The workshop became a microcosm of my workplace. I was challenged with opening my heart and ears…. —Trish Dorland

Helped me to see what it is that really matters to me….I see now that what matters isn’t how I look or how the world sees me. —Sue-Mani Lynch

It was very powerful to think about living by working at dying. —Helen

The usefulness of the workshop is that it gives a certain urgency to some relationships. —Frances

Just wanted to share with all of you what I did yesterday. I attended a workshop entitled “If I Had But One Year to Live.” It was put on by one of my customers, and I really wanted to be there to support him. On a whim, I offered it as a Father’s Day gift to my dad, who has Stage IV lung cancer, and asked him to go with me. He said Yes! I was going to go regardless, but I’m so glad that he came along! —Anonymous

What I came out of this workshop with is a sense that all we ever have is a day at a time, and really only this very moment. How am I spending this moment? This moment? This moment? This moment? This moment? —Anonymous

All the years I’ve tried to get my dad the perfect gift for Father’s Day. All the tools and ties that were forgotten a minute later. This year I gave him an experience that I will never forget…which it turns out is a gift to me. When I asked him why he chose to come he said “Because my little kid that I love asked me, and I thought it would make her happy for me to go.” Truer words were never spoken. Now that’s a moment well lived! —Anonymous

[The workshop] helped me strip away layers of things, and get to what’s the most important to me. —Anonymous

There are in this world illnesses that seek healings in just the same way as aspirants seek liberation—the right catalyst is crucial. Dale Goldstein is just such a catalyst for healing.
Stephen Levine, author of A Year to Live: How to Live This Year As If It Were Your Last

This is a beautiful wise transformative book. It offers a deep and truly integrated understanding of the heart.
Jack Kornfield, author of a Path With Heart

Heartwork gave me chills when I first picked up the manuscript. This wonderful book is simply the truth about what it takes to heal and become vibrantly healthy.
Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

[Heartwork] shimmers with beauty and a sense of grace transmitted….Anyone willing to take this journey is sure to have some direct tastes of what all hearts truly seek.
Russ Hudson, author with Don Richard Riso of The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Far and away the best book on personal transformation I have ever read. Read this book and you will never be the same.
Kenneth Porter, M.D., President, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Heartwork is a powerful invitation to readers to make fundamental personal change, pointing the direction, mapping the territory and supporting the journey.
Burt Giges, M.D., President-Elect, Association for Applied Sport Psychology

I am so happy to have the book (and CD) to explore what you have developed over the years. Richard’s artwork is gorgeous and the whole book is a beautiful presentation….the book is amazing and am trying not to read ahead although its so inviting — I had to look at the pictures immediately!
Nancy Margulies, Founder/Director, Mindscapes, author of Mapping Inner Space, and Visual Thinking

Dale’s book, “Heartwork,” is beautiful, life changing and I highly recommend it.
Cindy Cashman, author of The Answer: 8 Steps to Create the Life You Love

Heartwork is a manual for going deep into yourself and emerging transformed, an invaluable guidebook for self-discovery.
—Donna Thomson, author of The Vibrant Life

Truly a phenomenal work. Reminds me of Robert Bly’s phrase: weaving a cloth worthy of the inner king. The marriage of word and illustration, enhanced by the CD, is worthy of this world’s highest reception.
—Barry Sultanoff, M.D.

Dale’s work is innovative and groundbreaking….new and fresh and healing.
—Michael Hull, author of Sun Dancing

Heartwork is the one book to take on your spiritual journey….an extraordinary work – truly a Heartwork. I am bowled over by the beauty of it.
—James O’Hern, author of Honoring the Stones

Wow! It really looks — and feels– terrific!! Great presentation in every way. I’m really impressed too by the kind of courage and faith it must have taken to make this happen. Congratulations and much success. Help many beings!

—Rafe Martin, author of Birdwing

It looks and feels magnificent. I’d like to order 10 – how do I do that? To give to people as a gift….here it is in its full glory. The illustrations themselves are a masterful collection and an integral contribution to the whole. Is there a way to order prints? Well done. A fantastic achievement.
—Philip Berber, Founder and ex-Chairman/CEO CyBerCorp,, Chairman, A Glimmer of Hope

The book is soooooo beautiful; it’s a magnificent work of art…. May it touch and bless many lives as you do.
—Donna Berber, Founder, A Glimmer of Hope

…send you a note to congratulate you on this accomplishment… clearly a goal, and need, from deep within..Its beautiful; I love it; I’m so proud of you.
—Ross Garber, Co-founder, Vignette Corporation

The Heartwork process, the Artwork, Poetry and the many compelling stories are just exquisite. Wish you much success with it. Am thinking about how to get out into my ‘Fellows” community.
—Bruce W. Peters, President & CEO, CABHQ, LLC, and COHQ, LLC

This past Sunday I read Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want and I did the exercises. My experience was profound. It was an old blockage that I had obviously tucked away and hadn’t dealt with it. I walked around on clouds the rest of the day. Please read the book and do the exercises; it is amazing. The book has beautiful art and poetry as well as a cd.
—Lisa Hagan, President Paraview, Inc.

it is luscious, gorgeous, wonderful- and important… a gift…congratulations on this to you (and Richard!)
—Harvey Feldstein, Director, The Centre for Learning Innovation, Sydney, Australia

It is really a work of art, and a work of heart. Truly a masterpiece.
—Donald Kamens, MD, Co-chair, HL7 Emergency Care SIG

THANK YOU for the beautiful book. It’s so good to see your forever-long dream of a Heartwork book come to fruition. It is strikingly rich; eye candy! I’ll keep it next to our bed and nibble away at it….
—Congratulations!!! Jan Goldstein, Director, Arts on the Block, Montgomery County, MD

*Unbelievable joy and rapture.* God has given me a chance to stop thinking with my brain and has guided me to begin emoting with my soul…. I’ve been able to use the very core of my inner being to become enlightened on a variety of Universal Truths. And on a clear day I can take flight to spectacular new heights and can see forever…. Thank you…for getting me back on track with your book in continuing my journey through life. Even thou, shoshaku jushaku, I will continue to journey on.
—Peter Davidson, CEO & Founder, Apex Information Management Consultants

I received the book in the mail today. It is beautiful.
—Tom McLaurin, President & CEO, Natura Elementals

As you may have guessed from the subject line [WOW!], I got the book today. Absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous!!!!! It looks good, it sounds good, it feels good–it even *smells* good! (I haven’t tried tasting it yet, though…) What a work of art on all fronts. Congratulations to you both and to the Institute. Wowza! Thanks so much for my copy. I treasure it!
—Katy Koontz, co-author of 50 Ways To Find A Lover; Proven Techniques for Finding Someone Special

The books look absolutely wonderful!….Wow!
—Mari Selby, Director, SelbyInk

Your book…exceeds all expectations! Congratulations, and may there be many more.
—Leslie A. Gourwitz, Principal, Smith & Jones Advertising, Houston, TX

The book is extraordinarily beautiful. I share your joy in its completion…Take a FREAKIN’ BOW!!!!!!!!!!!
—Cis Dickson, Former Regional Coordinator for Southeast Texas, The Compassionate Friends

—Juliet van Otteren, co-author of Heart of the Horse

…it is wonderful. A real treasure.
—Elaine Webster, author of Grandma’s in the Basement: A Collection of Stories About the Elderly Based on Personal Experience

This is THE most beautiful book – in every way – that I have ever seen. There are many levels of beauty on every page. The art of Richard Wehrman is out of this world – straight from heaven. Even if you aren’t a “reader” this book is worth it for the pictures alone. (*****)
—Kay Whipple, CEO of Productivity Publications

Thank you for your absolutely beautiful new book. I can see that much work has gone into it and the results are outstanding. I love it.
—Ray Justice, Co-founder of UpYourImage.com

WONDERFUL! You’ve got to feel so proud of it!!!
—Patricia R. Thompson, Director of Development, Van Wezel Foundation

I stayed up all night reading Dale Golstein’s book cover to cover! I listened to the CD as well, and both were life-changing! Heartwork is a soul-touching technique for relieving pain and deep personal growth. I am truly thrilled that this book is now available, making it possible for people all over the world to read it and transform their lives from having done so!
—Dr. Meami Craig, WRMM 101.3 radio Lifestyle Editor

Your book is beautiful. I find myself inspired just by picking it up! As I look through it, I am caught by how thoughtfully it has been put together, and struck by what a wonderful meditation source it is, even before reading it!!! The illustrations are breathtaking; they move me to an altered space just looking at them! Accolades to both Dale and Richard for a beautiful piece of work!!!
—Connie Donaldson, LCSW, Ph.D.

I received your book yesterday, and I felt as though I was holding a holy book. And I can plausibly feel the hand of Rumi’s blessing on your work. I am in awe of [your] ability to hold the mystic’s hat in one hand and the practical psychologist’s hat in the other. If you ever want to bring a stack of books here, I’d be joyed and honored to sell them to my clients. I can only begin to appreciate the monumental task and discipline you experienced in creating this piece. Thank you, the Divine Mother thanks you
—Deeanne Bevin, M.Ac.

Today I played the Awareness part of your CD as part of the Meditation group experience that is primarily composed of women in their late seventies who have many health issues . All are cancer survivors. A profound sense of Peace that is undescribable permeated the space.
—Maribeth Price, Meditation Teacher

I received your beautiful inspiring book yesterday in the mail and I love it. Just holding it feels sacred to me and I know that many people will be blessed as they embrace the principles of Heartwork for themselves….It is truly an amazing book and I look forward to diving into it headfirst.
—Terry Steffen

WOW. I’ve just spent the past hour and half going through the excerpt and exercises and can see that it’s very insightful. As…someone that has spent literally thousands of hours on self-help books/meditations/ and workshops, I am often skeptical of “new programs” because they can often be a bit simplistic and rehashing the same message I’ve heard before. But this is, honestly, intelligent and very different. Their experience of being a combination of spiritual and psychotherapy practitioners allows them to cut to the heart of real issues. And I love the approach.
—Tish Phillips

Thank you so much for thinking to send me this Spiritual and Spirited work of Art. It is certainly a book I’ll recommend to my clients. I started to ‘work’ through it and it’s phenomenal. What really struck me (and I’m only through the first part of it) is that this is a book one can ‘work’ with at different chapters of life. Though core issues are at the root of the work, I can see how other issues can come up in one’s life at different times (yes, of course based on the core) and this book would be useful at different junctures. Wonderful!
—Jeani Wesp

The book…is as stunning to the eye as the message will be to the heart. Great job and thanks for the copy. My prayers are that it will be a huge success and reach all that are in need and open to its message and path.
—W. Andrew Clawson

Your book truly took my breath away – it is magnificent…. I’m so excited for you and Heartwork – I also will make sure I show it to all of my clients…. This will be perfect for them and I know they will not only love it, but will deeply benefit from it…so much Heart.
—Cecilia Rose

I just received your beautiful book. I can’t wait to read it. It is an absolutely beautiful book!Dale, what an amazing work of love. Congratulations!
—Nancy Rhodus

I got the book…. I am totally thrilled to have it – it is in a place of honor – I can’t wait to peruse it at my leisure and to show it to others. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!It will be an inspiration to me….the highest level of excellence. Extraordinary!!
—Tomar Levine

I have been reading your book this morning, and it is so beautiful….I am very touched by it – you are a master of the heart.
—Cornelia Wathen

congratulations……..you worked very hard and its absolutely beautiful and filled to the brim….it truly is a inspiring and beautiful book…i am delighted it is out in the world.
—Marlene Madia

…it is one of the most beautiful books that have come over my threshold in a long time….thanks so much for sending a feast.

— Waltraud Ireland

I just received your book. It is beyond words beautiful and inspirational. I have comforting tears. Thank you.
—Sheri Herendeen

…it’s simply beautiful…. it made me teary eyed.
—JoAnn Lattuca

Holding your book makes me want to weep. I must confess I did not go through the book page by page in order as requested. It is so wonderful that we were gobbling it all up and just could not wait. It is beautiful beyond expectations. It may be the most beautiful book which will be on my shelf. Years of hard work have culminated into something available for everyone. Thank you for all you have done for all of us.
— Sonja Earthman Novo

I wanted to also tell you that your book is so amazing, I have been holding in pain for so many years for fear of what I would do with it…I am really trying to come to terms with the help of your book, although I am still having a hard time I can truly feel my transformation. I listen to the CD every morning. I lost two of my children one a boy 6 yrs drowned and my daughter who was my life, died 7 yrs later from an aortic aneurysm and very poor medical care, in the middle of that my two sisters in their 40’s and at 51 my ex-husband also passed away suddenly,then my very best friend. Sometimes I feel I keep very busy in order to avoid facing the pain. I am always thinking and came to my own conclusions in order to be sane, and practical, and stay kind, and make a difference somehow in the world. But now…. I am rethinking everything and have not come to any new conclusions yet, but feel so different.

I am always amazed how the things I need always come to me…your book was one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever had, and from someone I never knew. I always say for every negative experience there are two positives….You are truly remarkable. I thank you so much,
—Nancy Kenner

I cannot tell you how impressed with the book I am. The pictures are incredible as is the content. It is so clearly written and truly reflects your life’s work. I plan on recommending it to all of my clients. I also ordered several copies as I think this book will make a very meaningful gift…. I am so proud of you and thrilled at your contribution to the world.
—Mary Adams

I am so thankful that Dale put this retreat together … and I hope to see more of these in the future. … The way I see it is that if I give myself this gift every so often, I will be more present for those I am in relationship with, including myself. M. said he was very pleased that I did this retreat and I could tell he was enjoying the experience also. It brought us closer and it definitely brought me closer to understanding myself better. It’s amazing the things you notice about yourself and your surroundings when you quiet your mind and just let yourself be. The energy in our house and relationship has changed. —Anonymous

I will continue to do these retreats as much as possible. I am committed to keeping Heartwork in my daily life and I am truly thankful for Dale for putting together the mini-intensives and 24 hour retreats allowing me to keep this commitment alive and realistic. I am so happy! Thank you!! —Elise Buskey

Participating in the 24-hour retreat was truly a gift. —Anonymous

The workshop rocked my entire world.  Everything has changed.  Even as an experienced Heartworker, I had no idea so much change could take place in me in such a short period of time. —Pat

Amazing understanding of my life now and how the past lifetimes have come into this life to heal. —Margie

This event brought me to depths in myself that have been hiding in fear.  I learned to sit in the gentleness and BE and allow the “TRUTH” to surface, passing through each step along the way with presence in my body and soul.  I have continued to evolve each day following this event. —Michele

To forgive is not to forget.  It is allowing yourself to drown in compassion and love while breathing through your heart. —Brian S

I went through my pain this time.  I am willing to accept it now as the path that will lead me home. —Nancy

There is only one PAIN! —Donna Sue

[The Forgiveness Retreat] showed me much more pain that I’ve carried for years and years — the patterns of self abuse that I’ve held on to perpetuate my original wounding. Then it showed me how to heal those wounds. Learning the forgiveness process [is something] I can carry forward and use on a daily basis. —Mary Jane Murray

I was able to come to total forgiveness by finding myself and seeing it was I who had to forgive myself first to be able to forgive others. The workshop was way beyond my expectations. I reached a… deeper peace, a deeper self-love and compassion for self than I ever reached before and I am truly grateful and blessed… I tasted, I savored, love and peace with no separation. Only Oneness and Lightness of Being. —Marlene Madia

I was able to move forward in my life and work through anger and resentment, and understand forgiveness. I can forgive my dad and see him with compassion. —Doug Gorka

I came in with the intention of learning how to forgive my husband but I came away with so many tools to learn to forgive my “original wound,” which is what I really came to forgive, and realized that’s where all my other pain stems from. There were so many realizations for me but I would have to say that the hurt or pain that I believed others have inflicted upon me is my own perception as to what actually happened, and that I allowed myself to get hurt. It’s my responsibility to be whole and complete within myself and my original wound healed, so that I can look past the actions of others and really see that it’s their pain (original wound) that causes them to do the things they do. —Carol Riley

This workshop helped me see… how I live so much of life repressing all awareness of the interconnectedness of life. I discovered a lot about how I work to keep [my habitual illusion of self] alive, how painful that is and how much subtle, often unregistered violence comes out of that. I am incredibly thankful for Heartwork.  When I got back home, there was an incredibly difficult situation awaiting me which I met with a very different energy than I normally would have.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. —KD

The Presence Retreat taught me how to come back home, how to inhabit my body, how to comfort myself, and most importantly how to have compassion and forgiveness and Love for all parts of my Being…  when I allow myself to come back home, I am so much more capable, stable, content, and Loving.  I have taken time since the retreat to practice my new skills and they are working. I am so grateful for this incredible GIFT and am still trying to grasp how all of this knowing came together for me in 5 short days. —Michele Baldwin

Thank you for providing the opportunity that allowed me to be still , be quiet, experience deep and transformative ways of being – now. The rest is up to me, to integrate this possibility into my life. —Donna Berber

Oh my goodness! I really got to being with myself, and was okay with it. What a clearing! I felt people and energy, and connection deeper and in ways that I never have before. Not just love either; pain, grief, fear, everything! I also loved having practice time to do some processing that I needed. What I want next is MORE! —Lindsey Morrison

I was absolutely satisfied. The new tools I gained will help me heal parts that I actually thought incapable of healing. I can participate in my own healing. Heartwork is truly a family for me and in this safe and sacred space I am able to see more about the true nature of myself, others, and the world in which we live. —Nancy Ruby

I found that I was looking for love but not willing to give love for fear of rejection.  That I look for approval of others instead of giving it to myself and that many other “unique individuals” whether in relationships or not have fear and suffering and neediness as well.—Kate

I can live my life fully around the physical pain.—Jill

I started learning how to use soft belly meditation and unwinding to come back to myself and awaken more of my whole being. —David

Being is awareness.  Perhaps the biggest impact was showing up for myself. When I do I can show up for others. —Colleen

Need to allow myself to feel vulnerable in order for my heart to open.  It is necessary for my spiritual growth that I own my neediness.—Pat

I have a little girl inside me that I left a long time ago and she needs me and I need her.—Cheryl

The level that known events in my life impacted and held me back from being present in the present.  This experience has allowed me to incorporate my journey thus far in this Life, so I can stop not living getting in my way. To live the life I have created now, being present, and then from that higher level of experience, choose what to create next.—Dan

I received myself with less resistance than ever. It was as though ‘I’ got out of the way during those quiet times. And that experience leads me to know how painful it gets when ‘I’ do get in my way.—Nancy Ruby

I can move again. I can be with myself. I am alive. There is blood and life flowing in me—not the concrete that was sitting on me and stuck inside of me. Thank you Dale for your very hard work, your dedication and patience. You have truly developed an incredible approach and way of life. I want to continue to be a part of the mission of Heartwork. It’s saving me!! —Marlene Madia

This workshop enabled me for the first time, in so many years, to find peace. —Gary Arnold

By getting into my body, waking up my heart, I not only knew how I needed to change but I fell in love with myself for the first time. By working through it with my resistance, I learned gentleness. I became aware of the violence I perpetrated on myself by forcing, enduring, ignoring and coping. The gentleness released my love. I feel a need to study or be with or visit holy places – but now that I think of it—the holy place is inside. —Pat Mueller

This workshop was so much more than I could have hoped for. It has really changed my life. I finally found myself, my child and my spirituality. The entire week was so moving for me and to watch the rest of the participants was such a gift.
I have always thought and felt that someone else had to be present for me to be happy. I learned that I can be my best friend.
—Nonie Natoli