Philip Berber

Philip is a former technology entrepreneur who became engaged in philanthropy, international development, and social entrepreneurship over the past 15 years. Originally from Ireland, Philip moved to London at 21 and to Texas in 1991, where he started his last venture,, in Austin, Texas. CyBerCorp grew rapidly to become the leading Internet broker for day traders in the US – and was acquired by Charles Schwab in 2000.

He and his wife then formed A Glimmer of Hope, the family foundation, working in Ethiopia, London, and Austin. In Barron’s ranking of the worlds “Top 25 Best Givers”, based on impact and results, The Berbers ranked #6 and #7 in consecutive years.

In addition to his co-Chair role at Glimmer, he currently oversees the Berber Family Office and Investments, and is Founder of Enable Impact, which provides a funding platform and investment services for impact investors and social entrepreneurs.