Heartwork, How To Get What You Really REALLY Want – Book Testimonials

Dale’s book, “Heartwork,” is beautiful, life changing and I highly recommend it.
— Cindy Cashman, author of, The Answer: 8 Steps to Create the Life You Love

Dale’s work is innovative and groundbreaking….new and fresh and healing.
— Michael Hull, author of Sun Dancing

The book is soooooo beautiful; it’s a magnificent work of art…. May it touch and bless many lives as you do.
— Donna Berber, Founder, A Glimmer of Hope

Send you a note to congratulate you on this accomplishment. Clearly a goal, and need, from deep within. It’s beautiful. I love it. I’m so proud of you.
— Ross Garber, Co-founder, Vignette Corporation

It is luscious, gorgeous, wonderful, and important…a gift…congratulations on this to you (and Richard!)
— Harvey Feldstein, Director, The Centre for Learning Innovation, Sydney, Australia

Heartwork gave me chills when I first picked up the manuscript. This wonderful book is simply the truth about what it takes to heal and become vibrantly healthy.
— Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

[Heartwork] shimmers with beauty and a sense of grace transmitted. Anyone willing to take this journey is sure to have some direct tastes of what all hearts truly seek.

— Russ Hudson, author with Don Richard Riso of, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Far and away the best book on personal transformation I have ever read. Read this book and you will never be the same.
— Kenneth Porter, M.D., President, Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Heartwork is a powerful invitation to readers to make fundamental personal change, pointing the direction, mapping the territory and supporting the journey.
— Burt Giges, M.D., President-Elect, Association for Applied Sport Psychology

I am so happy to have the book (and CD) to explore what you have developed over the years. Richard’s artwork is gorgeous and the whole book is a beautiful presentation….the book is amazing and am trying not to read ahead although its so inviting — I had to look at the pictures immediately!
— Nancy Margulies, Founder/Director, Mindscapes, author of, Mapping Inner Space, and Visual Thinking

Heartwork is a manual for going deep into yourself and emerging transformed, an invaluable guidebook for self-discovery.
— Donna Thomson, author of, The Vibrant Life

Truly a phenomenal work. Reminds me of Robert Bly’s phrase: weaving a cloth worthy of the inner king. The marriage of word and illustration, enhanced by the CD, is worthy of this world’s highest reception.
— Barry Sultanoff, M.D.

Heartwork is the one book to take on your spiritual journey….an extraordinary work – truly a Heartwork. I am bowled over by the beauty of it.
— James O’Hern, author of, Honoring the Stones

Wow! It really looks — and feels– terrific!! Great presentation in every way. I’m really impressed too by the kind of courage and faith it must have taken to make this happen. Congratulations and much success. Help many beings!

— Rafe Martin, author of, Birdwing

It looks and feels magnificent. I’d like to order 10 – how do I do that? To give to people as a gift….here it is in its full glory. The illustrations themselves are a masterful collection and an integral contribution to the whole. Is there a way to order prints? Well done. A fantastic achievement.
— Philip Berber, Founder and ex-Chairman/CEO CyBerCorp, Chairman, A Glimmer of Hope

The Heartwork process, the Artwork, Poetry and the many compelling stories are just exquisite. Wish you much success with it. I’m thinking about how to get it out into my “Fellows” community.
— Bruce W. Peters, President & CEO, CABHQ, LLC, and COHQ, LLC

This past Sunday I read Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, REALLY Want and I did the exercises. My experience was profound. It was an old blockage that I had obviously tucked away and hadn’t dealt with it. I walked around on clouds the rest of the day. Please read the book and do the exercises; it is amazing. The book has beautiful art and poetry as well as a cd.
— Lisa Hagan, President Paraview, Inc.

It is really a work of art, and a work of heart. Truly a masterpiece.
— Donald Kamens, MD, Co-chair, HL7 Emergency Care SIG

THANK YOU for the beautiful book. It’s so good to see your forever-long dream of a Heartwork book come to fruition. It is strikingly rich; eye candy! I’ll keep it next to our bed and nibble away at it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
— Jan Goldstein, Director, Arts on the Block, Montgomery County, MD

*Unbelievable joy and rapture.* God has given me a chance to stop thinking with my brain and has guided me to begin emoting with my soul. I’ve been able to use the very core of my inner being to become enlightened on a variety of Universal Truths. And on a clear day, I can take flight to spectacular new heights and can see forever. Thank you for getting me back on track with your book in continuing my journey through life. Even thou, shoshaku jushaku, I will continue to journey on.
— Peter Davidson, CEO & Founder, Apex Information Management Consultants

I received the book in the mail today. It is beautiful.
— Tom McLaurin, President & CEO, Natura Elementals


As you may have guessed from the subject line [WOW!], I got the book today. Absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous!!!!! It looks good, it sounds good, it feels good, it even *smells* good! (I haven’t tried tasting it yet, though…) What a work of art on all fronts. Congratulations to you both and to the Institute. Wowza! Thanks so much for my copy. I treasure it!
— Katy Koontz, co-author of 50 Ways To Find A Lover; Proven Techniques for Finding Someone Special

The books look absolutely wonderful!….Wow!
— Mari Selby, Director, SelbyInk



Your book…exceeds all expectations! Congratulations, and may there be many more.
— Leslie A. Gourwitz, Principal, Smith & Jones Advertising, Houston, TX

This is a beautiful wise transformative book. It offers a deep and truly integrated understanding of the heart.
— Jack Kornfield, author of, a Path With Heart

The book is extraordinarily beautiful. I share your joy in its completion. Take a FREAKIN’ BOW!!!!!!!!!!!
— Cis Dickson, Former Regional Coordinator for Southeast Texas, The Compassionate Friends

— Juliet van Otteren, co-author of, Heart of the Horse.


It is wonderful. A real treasure.

— Elaine Webster, author of, Grandma’s in the Basement: A Collection of Stories About the Elderly Based on Personal Experience

This is THE most beautiful book – in every way – that I have ever seen. There are many levels of beauty on every page. The art of Richard Wehrman is out of this world – straight from heaven. Even if you aren’t a “reader” this book is worth it for the pictures alone. (*****)

— Kay Whipple, CEO of Productivity Publications

Thank you for your absolutely beautiful new book. I can see that much work has gone into it and the results are outstanding. I love it.

— Ray Justice, Co-founder of UpYourImage.com


WONDERFUL! You’ve got to feel so proud of it!!!
— Patricia R. Thompson, Director of Development, Van Wezel Foundation


I stayed up all night reading Dale Golstein’s book cover to cover! I listened to the CD as well, and both were life-changing! Heartwork is a soul-touching technique for relieving pain and deep personal growth. I am truly thrilled that this book is now available, making it possible for people all over the world to read it and transform their lives from having done so!
— Dr. Meami Craig, WRMM 101.3 radio Lifestyle Editor

Your book is beautiful. I find myself inspired just by picking it up! As I look through it, I am caught by how thoughtfully it has been put together, and struck by what a wonderful meditation source it is, even before reading it!!! The illustrations are breathtaking; they move me to an altered space just looking at them! Accolades to both Dale and Richard for a beautiful piece of work!!!
— Connie Donaldson, LCSW, Ph.D.

I received your book yesterday, and I felt as though I was holding a holy book. And I can plausibly feel the hand of Rumi’s blessing on your work. I am in awe of [your] ability to hold the mystic’s hat in one hand and the practical psychologist’s hat in the other. If you ever want to bring a stack of books here, I’d be joyed and honored to sell them to my clients. I can only begin to appreciate the monumental task and discipline you experienced in creating this piece. Thank you, the Divine Mother thanks you.
— Deeanne Bevin, M.Ac.

Today I played the Awareness part of your CD as part of the Meditation group experience that is primarily composed of women in their late seventies who have many health issues . All are cancer survivors. A profound sense of Peace that is undescribable permeated the space.
— Maribeth Price, Meditation Teacher

I received your beautiful inspiring book yesterday in the mail and I love it. Just holding it feels sacred to me and I know that many people will be blessed as they embrace the principles of Heartwork for themselves. It is truly an amazing book and I look forward to diving into it headfirst.
— Terry Steffen


WOW. I’ve just spent the past hour and half going through the excerpt and exercises and can see that it’s very insightful. As someone that has spent literally thousands of hours on self-help books/meditations/ and workshops, I am often skeptical of “new programs” because they can often be a bit simplistic and rehashing the same message I’ve heard before. But this is, honestly, intelligent and very different. Their experience of being a combination of spiritual and psychotherapy practitioners allows them to cut to the heart of real issues. And, I love the approach.
— Tish Phillips

Thank you so much for thinking to send me this Spiritual and Spirited work of Art. It is certainly a book I’ll recommend to my clients. I started to ‘work’ through it and it’s phenomenal. What really struck me (and I’m only through the first part of it) is that this is a book one can ‘work’ with at different chapters of life. Though core issues are at the root of the work, I can see how other issues can come up in one’s life at different times (yes, of course based on the core) and this book would be useful at different junctures. Wonderful!
— Jeani Wesp

The book is as stunning to the eye, as the message will be to the heart. Great job and thanks for the copy. My prayers are that it will be a huge success and reach all that are in need and open to its message and path.
— W. Andrew Clawson

Your book truly took my breath away – it is magnificent. I’m so excited for you and Heartwork – I also will make sure I show it to all of my clients. This will be perfect for them and I know they will not only love it, but will deeply benefit from it…so much Heart.

— Cecilia Rose

I just received your beautiful book. I can’t wait to read it. It is an absolutely beautiful book! Dale, what an amazing work of love. Congratulations!
— Nancy Rhodus

I got the book…. I am totally thrilled to have it – it is in a place of honor – I can’t wait to peruse it at my leisure and to show it to others. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It will be an inspiration to me….the highest level of excellence. Extraordinary!!
— Tomar Levine

I have been reading your book this morning and it is so beautiful. I am very touched by it – you are a master of the heart.
— Cornelia Wathen

Congratulations……..you worked very hard and it’s absolutely beautiful and filled to the brim. It truly is a inspiring and beautiful book. I am delighted it is out in the world.
— Marlene Madia

I got my copy of the book in the mail. WOW! I was blown away by the e-version and really didn’t believe you when you said the e-version doesn’t do it justice. I stand corrected. The in my hands version is amazing…looking forward to getting this into many many hands.
— Douglas MacIntyre

It is one of the most beautiful books that have come over my threshold in a long time….thanks so much for sending a feast.
— Waltraud Ireland


I just received your book. It is beyond words, beautiful, and inspirational. I have comforting tears. Thank you.
— Sheri Herendeen

It’s simply beautiful…. it made me teary eyed.
— JoAnn Lattuca

Holding your book makes me want to weep. I must confess, I did not go through the book page by page in order as requested. It is so wonderful that we were gobbling it all up and just could not wait. It is beautiful beyond expectations. It may be the most beautiful book which will be on my shelf. Years of hard work have culminated into something available for everyone. Thank you for all you have done for all of us.
— Sonja Earthman Novo

I wanted to also tell you that your book is so amazing. I have been holding in pain for so many years for fear of what I would do with it. I am really trying to come to terms with the help of your book, although I am still having a hard time I can truly feel my transformation. I listen to the CD every morning. I lost two of my children, one a boy 6 yrs drowned, and my daughter who was my life, died 7 yrs later from an aortic aneurysm and very poor medical care. In the middle of that, my two sisters in their 40′s and at 51 my ex-husband also passed away suddenly, then my very best friend. Sometimes I feel I keep very busy in order to avoid facing the pain. I am always thinking and came to my own conclusions in order to be sane, and practical, and stay kind, and make a difference somehow in the world. But now, I am rethinking everything, and have not come to any new conclusions yet, but feel so different.

I am always amazed how the things I need always come to me. Your book was one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever had, and from someone I never knew. I always say for every negative experience there are two positives. You are truly remarkable. I thank you so much.
— Nancy Kenner

I cannot tell you how impressed with the book I am. The pictures are incredible as is the content. It is so clearly written and truly reflects your life’s work. I plan on recommending it to all of my clients. I also ordered several copies as I think this book will make a very meaningful gift. I am so proud of you and thrilled at your contribution to the world.
— Mary Adams