Dance to Awaken the Heart

Dance to Awaken the Heart was created to offer an opportunity to come together and enjoy Music, Movement, and Meditation on a regular basis..

Our next dances: 

    #29: Friday, April 28, 8-10 pm

    #30: Saturday, May 20, 8-10 pm

Location: Tru Yoga, 696 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620. (Map)

Dance to Awaken the Heart, Photo from November 2013.

Dance as you are!

Here you can express yourself through movement in a safe space. Let go into free-form movement inspired from within, with or without a partner, without judgment or judging of others.

We play music expressing a variety of styles & energies, including world, trance, beat, reggae, pop, rock, electronic, classical, meditative, etc. Each dance is a unique experience.

The dance begins with gentle “Unwinding” music, which gradually increases in tempo. This pattern is inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s concept of “the wave.”

An essential part of Dance to Awaken the Heart is dancing “without judgment or judging of others.” We are here to explore the experience of being a soul in a body. Judgment of self or others restricts that journey. If you find yourself resisting what others are doing, or what you want to do…explore that resistance. Give in to it…and then let it go!

We generally gather the last Saturday of the month (except in summer), but this can vary. Return to this page to see when the next dance is. See below for guidelines.

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RSVP or for more information, contact or call David at 585-789-1865.

What to Bring

  • A donation of $5-$10 for use of the space.
  • A blanket or mat for unwinding & resting.
  • A water bottle, if you wish. Water and cups will be available.

 Heartwork Dance Guidelines

  • Dance alone or with partners.
  • To decline a dance, place palms together at the heart level.
  • Wear bare feet or soft-soled, non-street dance shoes.
  • Drug-free, smoke-free, alcohol-free.
  • Please, no food, beverages, or conversation on the dance floor.

Get together after for a snack and conversation.

Supported by The Heartwork Institute