Circular Breathing

Circular Breathing is another very powerful exercise that has the ability to take one into and through one’s issues quickly and effectively.  It is best to do with a partner, but can also be done alone.  As with the inward bend, one can use music to support the process, or not.   As with the Inward Bend, the technique is quite simple: one lies down in a comfortable position (usually, but not necessarily on one’s back), breathes in one’s yearning very deeply, and then lets go of the breath and the yearning.  One repeats this process of breathing in one’s yearning and letting go of the breath, gradually increasing the depth and rate of breathing until whatever needs to open (whatever is in the way of one having what one yearns for) opens.  The idea is to simply keep breathing until one reaches a point of resolution with what has arisen and one feels complete.  In the process, intense feelings may arise.  If one needs to release these feelings, do so, and then return to the breathing.  If possible, just breathe right through the feelings.  Intense physical sensations (including a phenomenon called tetany, where parts of the body – especially the hands and feet, or the entire body, itself – become rigid and painful) may also arise.  Breathe through them as well.  Do not stop until you feel complete!

If one is doing Circular Breathing with a partner, the partner has the responsibility of keeping one breathing – coaching the breather to not space out, fall asleep, or back away from the intensity that arises in the process.  Some breathers also find it useful to have their partner press their thumb hard on a very tender point on the breast bone about nipple level that helps facilitate the opening of the heart.