Autumn Retreat: The Heart of Heartwork

A month-or-so ago, I sent you the email below announcing the annual Fall Heartwork Retreat. To date, the Retreat is under registered.  I feel so strongly about the value of this Retreat that I am open to your paying whatever you feel you can afford in order to participate.  Just register according to the instructions below.  A confirmation email will be sent next weekend…  — Dale,  23 October 2021

Dear Heartworker,

Every Fall, I facilitate an in-depth exploration of some aspect of the Heartwork process. This Fall, I am going to teach “The Heart of Heartwork,” a 3- to 5- day retreat that plumbs the depths of Heartwork. One may attend for 3, 4, or all 5 days. I strongly recommend doing the full 5 days if at all possible, as for many people an important opening occurs on the fourth day. Because of the ongoing COVID threat, the Retreat will be facilitated via Zoom on November 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. You can do it alone or with others if you wish. If you choose to do only 3 or 4 days, it would be best if you started with the group on the 5th.

We will be practicing the Awareness/Soft Body (combined) Meditation, Inquiry, and Unwinding – the essential Heartwork tools out of which all the other Heartwork tools were birthed. The Retreat will take you deeper and deeper into Presence – letting go into the Truth of your Being in-the-moment. This is really what Heartwork is about. It is really all you need to Know. The Retreat will be primarily Meditation, with Inquiry being a mutual support with the Meditation. As what we’re letting go of/into is stored in our bodies, Unwinding is a great aid to the process. There will also be occasional Group Discussions, and I will be available for Guidance as needed throughout the day.

The fee is $375 for the first three days, plus $100 for the fourth day and $75 for the fifth day. Because we will have people attending from time zones from Pacific to Greenwich, we’re going to start at 9am Eastern (6am PDT) and end at 5pm EDT (11pm GMT+2). That way, we’ll be able to get a good amount of work done each day, and no one will have to lose too much sleep.

To register, please send your contact information (phone number, email and street addresses) and either the full fee or a deposit of 50% of your fee (balance due by November 5th) to “Heartwork” or Dale Goldstein via VENMO (@Dale-Goldstein-3) (preferred method), PayPal, or check addressed to Heartwork, 882 Titus Ave., Rochester, NY 14617 before October 21st. After that, please add a $50 late fee. If you would like to attend, but cannot afford the fee, please email me at Our scholarship fund is currently empty. If you would like to include a (no longer tax-deductible) donation to the Heartwork Scholarship Fund, to make it possible for others to attend Heartwork events, please send a separate payment made payable to Heartwork.

If you have questions about the retreat, please email me at For administrative concerns, please email Annette at

I Really, REALLY hope you will come…

Much Love,