Testing 2: What is Heartwork?

Heartwork is a process of letting go, with awareness, 
into the truth of one’s being in the moment.

It is essentially a very simple process, but it is not easy. It is simple because all you have to do is find the yearning in your being — to be free, to be whole, to know who and what you are — whatever form it takes for you — and let go into it and let it take you back home to your authentic, true self.

It is difficult because letting go into unfamiliar places inside ourselves is scary.

For some of us, it becomes apparent at some point that we are suffering and cannot find a way out of it — not through drugs and alcohol, sex, money, power, success, religion or any of the other addictions or distractions with which we try to fill this nagging emptiness inside. The reason we get to this point is that our deepest yearning is to regain our lost wholeness and connectedness — and in its great wisdom, our unconscious mind repeatedly creates situations that remind us of the places where we originally split from ourselves.

When we get to this point in our lives, it is actually easier to let go into the yearning than to keep running away from the fear of facing what lies within ourselves.

 And so the journey homeward begins!

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