HTP 2014 Medition and Inquiry

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The Heartwork Transformational Program (HTP) is an annual program offering an extended, intensified immersion into the Heartwork process.

HTP is designed to bring Heartwork into your daily life, with teaching and guidance from Dale Goldstein, the creator of Heartwork.

The 2014 Heartwork Transformational Program, will focus on Meditation and Inquiry.

Inquiry is not an activity aimed at bringing one to a particular state or capacity. Nor is it a means of discovering what stops one from arriving at a certain outcome. Inquiry is a means of inviting our true nature — which has much greater intelligence and awareness than our conscious mind will ever have — to reveal itself and guide us to a deeper understanding of reality and our own truth. True inquiry does not assume that one outcome, one experience, or one feeling state is better than any other at any given time. Inquiry invites whatever is here to show itself and reveal its truth. And each revelation, if allowed and held with respect and interest, will lead to understanding and revelation—and the further unfoldment of the soul. - A. H. Almaas

Meditation and Inquiry are complimentary processes. Meditation opens one’s heart-mind and brings one into Presence, from whence Inquiry takes on an entirely different character. Here, one is inquiring into the infinite unknown, rather than the limits of the known. This is the place where true understanding and realization come from, and where the Heartwork process becomes the Great Adventure of unfolding into the depths of Being.

This year-long, comprehensive program is dedicated to helping you pay attention to your total self.  A suggested reading list will be provided and participants will be given specific tools, individualized direction, and encouragement throughout the year.

Activities and discounts that are part of the HTP:
Daily Meditation:   ½ hour/day
Peer Inquiry Trades:   2/month
Conference Calls with Dale:   1/month
24-Hour Mini-Retreats:  6/year
15% discount on Heartwork sponsored events including the upcoming Fall 2014 Meditation & Inquiry Retreat (3, 5, or 7 days)

Recommended Reading for HTP 2014
Spacecruiser Inquiry, by A.H. Almaas
The Work of This Moment, by Toni Packer

Mini-Retreat topics for 2014 (Prerequisites for all: information on Inquiry)
1. Following the breath; Soft belly (Prerequisite: Soft Belly Meditation Mini-retreat)
2. Soft body; Guided Heartwork, Just listening (Prerequisites: Soft Belly/Soft Body Meditation; Freeze Frame/Guided HW/Just Listening Mini-retreats)
3. Awareness; Hara; Hara Awareness (Prerequisites: Awareness; Establishing the Hara Mini-retreats)
4. Soft Body; Awareness; Soft Body/Awareness (Prerequisites: Soft Body/Awareness; Freeze Frame/Guided HW/Inquiry Mini-retreats)
5. Do Nothing (Prerequisite: Do Nothing Mini-retreat)
6. Inquiry

(all Prerequisite material is provided with the purchase of HTP)

As always, all aspects of participation are optional.
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HTP Conference Call and Mini-Retreat Schedule:   

Please register before December 1, 2013 to participate in selecting dates
for 2014 HTP Calls and Mini-Retreats.

Calls that are still on schedule for 2013:

Mini-Retreat: 12/7-8
HTP Call: 12/11

“The entire process of ‘Inquiry’ is most powerful, as it invites honesty and vulnerability, going deeper and deeper.” – Brian D